dealshalloween on blu-ray for $9.99


Just like Abraham Lincoln yesterday, this isn't a deal. Amazon has it for a cheaper price. Linking to a site because you like it or are in some way affiliated with it doesn't constitute a deal. I understand you can't search all of the Internet, but searching the big competing sites first isn't without reason.


@sgrman05: According to DW, @carl669 and I posted this at the same time. Reminds me of the time I backed out of a parking spot at the exact time the person behind me did. Bump!


@synergynt: It appears that my posts from this site annoy you. I am not affiliated with the site and have no real feelings about it one way or another. Looked like a good deal to me. The standard protocol is to post a link to a better deal if you have one.


@belyndag: right, I wasn't saying anything about "who posted first", nor did I tattle on either of the posts.
As your second post indicates "standard protocol is to post a link to a better deal if you have one" -- that's what I did -- I linked to the other deal thread that had the better price (from Amazon).