dealstexas rangers 2010 al west division champions…


I'm a Red Sox fan. I cheer for whomever is playing against the Yankees.

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers!


I normally don't Woot horribly overpriced tshirts, but this is the team that just took down the Yankees. They're OK in my book!


I would LOVE to know where the blue claw/antlers shirts can be found.

AWESOME GAME!!! Soooo glad A-Rod was the final deciding factor. LOL



Rangers suck, I'm obviously a yankee fan.


@jerms7710: I'm a Yankees fan too, but you just look like an ignorant Sox fan by saying that another team sucks, especially a team that manhandled us for most of this series. I'll give the Rangers props where it's deserved and hopefully they can bring the AL home another World Series title.


@metanoia29: I'm a Phillies fan ... and I can agree the Yankees suck.


Don't worry I am very far from a dumb red sox fan, don't get me wrong the Yankees suck too. This team just hasd no heart from game one of the season. Trust me I know , I went to like 6 games this year. So please don't talk smack to me. You can ask me any question about almost any yankee team in history. This year they weren't impressive. So back to the rangers they beat a sucky yankee team so they suck. And they proly will win the championship. They are just gonna beat a sucky nl team to do it. If melky is on this team noone beats them. And it's not about his stats either. He was the fire that the yanks had. Thanks for ur comment though


I find it ironic that any conversation about baseball always becomes a yankees vs redsox debate


@jerms7710: Haha, Melky Cabrera? The part time outfielder for the Braves. Yeah, he is much better than Brett Gardner!


Hooray Rangers!!!! Hometown team finally comes through... :)


Can't wait till the GIANTS beat the Rangers in the world series.


If you love baseball and you are not from New York, you hate the Yankees, lol.
Way to go Rangers and go D-Backs!