dealscommercial 12 hot dog 5 roller grill cooker…


Now all I need is a gas station and some month old hot dogs!


researched a bit to shoot this down or find it somewhere else than ebay but failed. +1


How does this stack up against the Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express?


Only a weenie wouldn't want one of these!


I am embarrassed by how badly I want one of these


The cheapest way - though perhaps not the safest - to cook hot dogs is with an AC line cord, some wire, and nails. Cut off the end of the line cord, hook the wires to the nails, and stick the nails into opposite ends of the hot dog. Then plug in the line cord. The electricity will cook the hot dog because of the water content. The cooking process will stop itself as the water evaporates. Unplug the cord before handling the hot dog!


I'm frightened. Take it away!


@narquespamley: Thanks for that tidbit. Hopefully your house is wired better than this guys, you follow his directions and you'll blow a fuse or breaker everytime.


@ narquespamley

Also a great way to electrocute yourself at the same time. :)


I'm not too sure about this product...

If you have a 12 inch wiener - will this work for you?
With only 5 rollers, it looks like it will handle only 8 of your average sized wieners, much less do anything for you if you have a 12 inch wiener.

If I had a smaller than average wiener, it might work as advertised, but I think I'll keep my 12 inch wiener and look for something else that can handle it...


@jlowrance: Best comment I've ever seen on woot.


The electrical conductivity of a hot dog isn't high enough to blow a fuse. Other commercial products have used this principle to cook, and I've even done it in a school physics lab.

Yes, you can electrocute yourself if you touch the wires while it's plugged in. I didn't say this was safe. The only thing you want to be touching while this is plugged in is the plastic cover for the AC plug.