dealscraftsman 4 gal pancake air compressor w/ hose…


I have one of these and it's a great air compressor. Pro tip: Even though it has "pancake" in the name, I recommend against using it to make pancakes; I ended up with batter all over the kitchen.


@jamorri: Noted...not for making pancakes.


Just wanted to give everyone a heads up regarding oil free compressors. They are LOUD! If you are going to do the occasional low tire thing this would be ideal but if you are going to add this to a wood working shop you should consider putting this in a small room by itself and running a pipe into your main area to carry the air. Working outside - probably not an issue.


Nearly every tool I own is Craftsman, however for this particular product I went with the "Craftsman" Evolv compressor. They run them on sale all the time for $69.99 and it's actually a pretty sweet little compressor. I've got a Craftsman Professional 33 Gallon, but I use the Evolv pancake compressor for small nailing, quick tire fills and other small things. It's pretty convenient, and for $70, it comes with the accessory kit AND a nail gun (I used it for trim on my house doors).

It really isn't that loud, but you definitely know it's on.


@zx2guy19: I don't see the Evolv compressor, or any Craftsman compressor near $70, at Sears