dealspine bros cough drops sample for $0.00


I found these back in October when I had a nasty cold and didn't want the usual Halls cough drops. I've only tried the honey but they were great - looking forward to free samples of them and of the cherry too. Haven't seen them at every major drugstore (maybe just CVS) but to me they're a good compromise between Ricola and Ludens.


Awesome to see these are being made again, and in the USA even! Aside from Smith Bros. these are my favorites.


wow, made in the good ole US of A, for that reason alone, I will try these. Thanks op.


free is good, and free cough drops when it's getting cold out, even better



Ooh, I LOVE the honey ones - I even enjoyed them as a little treat when I didn't have a cold. Very happy to see them back - it's so rare when something like this returns to the market (Reed's Cinnamon - or Butterscotch - Disks, anyone?)