dealseaster candy & gift markdowns: save up to 50%


$5 per 4-pack of Cadbury Creme eggs? I just got a bunch of 4-packs at Target for ~$2ea. I don't have receipt handy here at work, but it was definitely under $4 I want to say it came to something like $1.80 each. Their full price for the item was still under $5. I am so confused by this "deal".


@countdown: You know how much gasoline it would take for me to get to the nearest Target? Lots, that's what.


It's the Last Candy-Eating Holiday until Halloween! Better stock up!


(6) 4 packs of Cadbury Eggs for $29.99 plus $6.49 shipping. These eggs retailed for $1.19 at all of my local stores. 24x1.19 = $28.56


Ooops. Nevermind. Just noticed it's not sold by Amazon right now, only third party. Silly me. Ignore the following original post:
Just before Easter I got some Cadbury mini eggs (4 of 10oz packages for about $13.). Today in the Easter sale pages the same item is now about $25. That's hardly a discount. Ha. You really gotta be careful with Amazon pricing. The system is nuts sometimes.


i almost bought a case of cadbury eggs before easter on amazon, they were around $35. two days after easter they were up to $65


Easter candy scalpers.. what next ?! I guess these sellers got up really early Monday morning and ran out to Wal Mart to scoop up all the left over Easter candy at pennies on the dollar so they could make a little profit selling it to those of us who just didn't get enough chocolate bunny to hold us till next year.
bty.. I bought a couple of 36 oz (BIG) bags of Cadbury mini eggs for under $5 yesterday at Sam's Club. Guess I should have bought them all and sold them for $30 on Amazon today!


I get a lot of reduced seasonal chocolate quite periodically.
The problem is that it is made months before the holiday itself.
So the taste is diminished by then.
Rite aid, wallgreens, cvs all get theirs in early. However, Target on occasion will get multiple orders, a couple of weeks prior to the holiday. They might be the best place to shop.
Easter candy is my favorite BTW: Large milk choc m&ms, Egg shapped Dove, Cadburry eggs and cadburry milk choc pieces are some of the reasons that Easter wins all....and jelly beans (starburst, jolly rancher, etc.)