dealstotal recall (blu-ray) (widescreen) for $5.14


It's not a toomah!

Ha, classic.


@mahmelhaud84: Sorry,

You're one... ugly mother----er!

Ha, love that line.


You're going to wish you had three hands.


@bigshtank: Apologetic sentiment,

Additional quote from another incorrect movie.

Statement indicating you're oblivious about which movie the previous quote comes from, following "Ha,".

Cool shtick, bro. Shtick it again?


FYI, you don't want this version. The transfer is really bad. You want the "Mind Bending" edition, which is a superior transfer authorized by director Paul Verhoeven. Target has the same one that is being promoted here for $5. I just went back to return it today when I found out about it. Amazon has the Mind Bending edition on sale for $8.41 right now.


@bsitmaom: Thanks for the heads up, now See you at the party, Richter!


I have this version.

No wonder it looked bad for Blu Ray.

It should be illegal to sell crap quality on Blu Ray.


@nosty: Get over yourself. At least it's better than the lame cowbell, bacon, etc. shtick everyone does nere. At least mine's different.