dealsfree cup of chili w/purchase at white castle


Sliders... with a chili chaser? Well, I suppose it's cheaper (and slightly less painful) than an enema.


@jweb1510: I don't know about the less painful part.


@jweb1510: Damn that would sure be a power flush, especially for those on certain diet pills ;)
I love sliders but I'm not sure I could hold down 6 sliders and a cup of chili......


Note extremely short expiration date, 1/31/13


@jjeff: thanks! forgot to add that in the main deal.


"White Castle fries only come in one size!"


I went home a month ago for the first time in like 5 years. Was very eager to get some real fresh White Castles. I tried some of this chili too. A cup is actually a pretty good size, and the chili is a bit bland. The taste is OK, nothing special, but the beef is strangely rubbery. I'd eat it if it was free, but I wouldn't pay for it again.


Usually I get chili after eating anything at White Castle.


Been eating belly bombers since I was 6, They might be called murder burgers but after 47 years those repeaters have not killed me yet!


I used to LOVE trips to visit Grandma in Linden, NJ just for the White Castle. Unfortunately, there's not much north of the NY/NJ border and I have to wait until I need to go to that awful state to get something.

No idea they were serving chili. I'll stick to my burgers, chicken rings, and chicken sandwiches (no cheese for me). The jalapeno cheese burger is where it's at.

NOTE - If you ever do make a run for Whtie Castle, don't do so on a motorcycle. After gorging on a crave case or whatever you feel like eating too much of, it's nearly impossible to come out of a food coma to pay extra attention to your surroundings. Stay safe and bring a designated driver.


@derk: I thought the same of the chili; I was kind of surprised and a little let down, because I love White Castles! Wendy's chili is WAY better.