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So this is a company that the company Platinum Tel (ptel) started.

Same exact plans, but it gives a portion (8%, but only up to $50 a year) of what you pay to charity. So this uses T-Mobile, and after the 250 meg/2 gig it drops down to a crippled 2g. Otherwise, the same $40/$50 plans.


You say "only up to $50 a year," but of course that's more than enough. 8% of 40 over the year is $38.40 and of 50 is $48. Their cap is over what you'd be able to hit anyhow.
The pricing is very competitive too.


try .it is better than this they uses tmobil network


@andy50: I'm not sure how is better. They both appear to use the T-mobile network, and to get the same plan you pay $10 more a month over GIV.