dealssandisk cruzer blade 16gb usb 2.0 usb flash driveā€¦


In for one!

Side note: If you need this in time for X-mas and you have Amazon Prime it's only $8.99 there. As for me though.. I can wait :)
And Staples may even make it in time, I actually didn't check.


These are part of the weekly ad and are available in the store, if you need it for the holidays.


have this drive... don't expect amazing speed from this


staples usually delivers withinn48-72 hours for me.

I have a few of these drives, they're reliable and priced right. Plus november rewards were just issued, so they're free


i got one of these years ago - compared to EVERY OTHER USB DRIVE of any kind I've ever owned, these are the slowest.

the case started cracking after about six months of use, too. It's just not built to be inserted and removed from a USB port that often.