dealsnintendo mario & luigi wii u 32gb deluxe set for…


Wow....three cents off. How can you pass that up?


Just wait a few more months and they'll be $200... and then next year $150. Wii U = Nintendo Fail


Silly Deal but I don't get the hate- The WiiU is the most fun system out right now- I am sure the xbone and the ps4 will shine soon but I have played more Wii U than anything this last year-


@yoshibuddha: People like you seriously get on my nerves. Do you own one? No? Then stop talking. The Wii U is freaking awesome. We have a PS4 and a Wii U - there is nothing happening on the PS4. My husband, daughter, and myself play the Wii U 3-4 times a week. We actually have this exact bundle but got it at Walmart for the same price. If anyone is interested then I highly recommend it. The graphics are beautiful and it is much better than a regular Wii.


I love my Wii U, It still needs more games though. Mario Kart 8 will be out in a few months. It is a great system, especially for a family. However, if you are a basement dwelling, still with parents, friendless, neck-bearded, mouth breather, then this system may not be for you.


I'm hoping for a price drop at X-Mas, but I won't be entirely surprised if it doesn't drop much. As much as people like to talk about the WiiU's failure, Nintendo has a pretty much immaculate track record when it comes to console sales. When they release Super Smash Bros and maybe another Zelda, these will fly off the shelves.


Everyones been ragging on the Wii U for a lack of game line-ups but look at the PS4, months in no solid releases. X1, months in, titanfall is coming out... and honestly its nothing new, nothing exciting, just another CoD clone. If someone was to ask which console has games that sell the console, Nintendo is the only one that stands out right now until maybe Destiny or some like hyped title gets released.

Just find it funny how everyone came at nintendo for no games and sony and MS are following the same path.


This was just on sale recently on ebay from Buy for $260. $299 doesn't seem like much of a deal.


No need to talk bad about the Wii U. It's got a decent library for the likes of us who grew up on Super Mario World or Sonic the Hedgehog or Donkey Kong Country.

Right now, I have 3 games lined up for the Wii U. I usually wait until the cost of the games I want outweighs the cost of the console before I buy. So far I only have 3 definite Yes games for the U, but that will go up. New Super Mario Wii is what sold me on the original Wii.


As an owner of the Wii U, XBone, and PS4, the Wii U has the best games out right now, hands down.

In a year, I guarantee that changes, because Nintendo will have released all their in house titles, and the other new consoles will start getting their exlusive big budget titles, as well as typical EA ones. It will still be a fun system :)

All 3 are fun, it really depends on the target audience. This, new mario u 3d, Zelda wind waker, and I'm sure the next Mario Kart/Smash Bros will all be awesome. Nintendo puts out the best games, the outside support just sucks.

That all being said, it's still a deals forum, and a deal you can walk into walmart any day of the week and pickup isn't really a deal.


The Wii U is the cheapest of the 3 systems, and it has one thing the others will never have: Nintendo Games. No one can make games quite like Nintendo does. If they are putting out anything with Mario, Zelda, DK, or any of the other 1st party names on it, then it will most likely be great. True, no one buys the Wii U for the dumbed down version of Call Of Duty or anything else, but Nintendo will always have those magical games and put them out with a finesse quite unlike anyone else.

Plus, how could you ever play Super Mario 3D world and NOT get one of these? Thats what happened to me haha. I bought this bundle and I'm loving it.


Best Buy and Walmart both have it for $299.99 online with $25 gift card and free shipping.


Not sure why this "deal" is popular or being upvoted when several better deals exist. I understand the love for the Wii U but I don't think that's a good reason to up-vote a bad deal.


...Nobody is hating on the Wii U. Not a single comment here has degraded the system at all. It's this 'deal'. it's not a deal at all. it's essentially retail price. I'm all about getting more exposure for the Wii U, but NewEgg has it for a better price. It looks like someone's trying to generate fake controversy to drum up exposure.


@velvetshark: actually Yoshibuddha did. Read, man...


@vincentmurdoch: I have a neck beard... But I live upstairs!!!


Looks like I'm seriously behind the times here. I knew the 32gb got a price cut, but I didn't realize they were bundling any full games with it at that price.

So seems it's not a deal vs normal price for this package, but a good deal compared to the system w/out Mario at least. I'm going to try and pretend that's enough.


@lostporcupine: This bundle debuted at $299 before Christmas though, so horrible "deal". Great product and great value, but not a "deal" when you can get it for $299 regular price everywhere.

There was also a Wind Waker HD bundle (which also comes with a digital copy of Hyrule Historia) for $299.99 released back in September, which is the one that got me to spring for a Wii U. Unlike this one, the Zelda bundle's gamepad is actually themed, being decked out in Hylian writing and bearing the Hylian Royal Crest.

If I hadn't bought due to the Wind Waker bundle though, this bundle would have been quite tempting.


@yoshibuddha: Anyone who has been following Nintendo's press releases and the gaming industry will tell you with certainty that the base Wii U will not drop in price.

The ONLY possibility of the Wii U going down in price is a bundle deal on blackfriday. This is the lowest it will the system will go until November.