dealscontinuance usb cell usb recharged standard 3.7v…


Sadly your coupon only allows this price for one battery. Regular price is charged for each extra battery 18650 battery. :-/

You have an interesting website though.


@wootmatthew: Thank you so much for your important feedback, There are no limited on the number now.


Yea, the coupon code is still only discounting 1 piece not more than one like you stated above.


@gearbest: Well, I was able to order one more battery at that price since you reset the coupon. Thanks. (Two total ordered.) However, I still was not able to use the coupon on more than one battery in my cart. That's the same problem wotlos was having.


@wotlos,@wootmatthew: we are very sorry for this confusion. We had a technical issue yesterday, and it's all fixed now,
we have provided a coupon to bring the price down to $3.22 delivered and no limited,Hope everyone enjoy shopping at