dealsisraeli civilian gas mask w/ nato filter for $17…


In case you have never used a Gas Mask or Respirator you need to be clean shaved and the canisters/filters do expire they can not sit on a shelf for years or in a bug out bag for years...


This one isn't on the list, but don't buy this for its intended purpose; its a good halloween costume at best.

See what I mean >


These are "Civilian" masks, so unlike masks designed for Military or Police use, they can handle faces without a clean shave.

I bought 4 of them and can attest to the "seal" with a 3 day old shave.

Also, while the canisters/filters do expire, it just means they won't last quite as long when needed. While serving on a base in Italy, I was issued 2 canisters by the USN that were both more than 2 years PAST their expiration date.

So in other words, buy more canisters/filters.


@dreamscapesoftware: When the canisters expire they are now "training" canisters and will never be issued to anyone deployed in an area where there is any remote threat of a gas attack.

When you were issued them in Italy it was the training filter and if you got deployed when you got to the AOR they would take that cannister and smash it and give you a "real" one.


Seriously? Clean shaved? Ya know that's a joke right? Maybe you should ask some SEALs, Sailors, or anyone of the armed forces if they shave all the time underway and if they shave before putting on their masks in the event of an attack.


@aravena: Ummm...yes clean shaven. Do you think that the military doesn't shave when they are deployed? SEALS...they shave. Sailors...guess what...they shave too. Soldiers and Airmen both shave. Marines...we shave twice a day. In Afghanistan, we were low on drinking water, but god forbid you didn't have a clean shave everyday. How about YOU do some research before you try to belittle someone else.
Corporal Marino USMC


@mikehock: False, seals do not shave. Some may, but not all. They are meant to blend in. So how about you do some research as well? Just cuz you're a marine doesn't mean you know everything there is to know about the special forces in each branch.