dealsasus transformer android tablet pc w/ keyboard…


Upgrades to ice cream sandwich. No jellybean yet, however. Dock alone lists for $150.


Any way to get the dock alone?


@pickypickypicky: thanks, I've heard good things about Tiger Direct. This looks like a good deal.

Personally, I love my Asus. It's real powerful, allowing play of some of the most graphically intensive games on the android market.

I also use it for reading cases and excerpts through 3rd party .pdf viewers.

Kind of a workhorse kind of tablet, I suppose. Having the dock greatly improves battery life.


I love my Transformer set! As the secretary of a charity group, I use both the tablet and the dock CONSTANTLY as kind of a mini-laptop for doing documentation on-the-fly. My son called it "Optimus Pad", and I can't argue. It's a pretty powerful Transformer.

Not only does the dock boast extra battery power (documentation says that it adds 4-6 extra hours on top of the tablet's battery), but it also has a full-size SD card slot (the tablet has either a micro- or mini-SD card slot - can't remember), two USB ports, and a one-button touchpad.

The tablet is good on it's own, but the dock makes it a workhorse. The dock does make it a bit bulky, but it's still smaller, lighter, and more portable than my laptop. The combined tablet & dock batteries lasts w-a-y longer than my laptop can unplugged. The display is crystal clear, and I've not had any problems with lag when streaming video.


@pickypickypicky: If you are willing to root it, you can get Jellybean via the CyanogenMod nightlies, but correct, still no official release yet from ASUS. Just upgraded last weekend.


@dpettus: Thanks for the link, esp since I did pull the trigger on this deal, myself. : )
I skipped from froyo directly to ics, so I am actually looking forward to trying honeycomb for a bit. We'll see how long that lasts. LOL. This will be my first premium tablet, instead of generic ones, and that damnedable velocity cruz, I bought here. OMG, I am beginning to think I have an addiction....