dealsiphone 4 verizon no contract for $179.99


Not bad, but keep in mind unless you JB the iPhone 4 is still Siri-less.


my mom has the iPhone 4 and fyi it does have seri. she uses it all the time.


@greennixon00: then your mom does not have the iPhone 4. It definitely does not have Siri. You're likely talking about the 4S


@randomtom: Ask her to tell you she loves you... she never does.


Obligatory comment about how third-party refurbs are never as good as official Apple refurbs. Apple replaces the outer shell and the battery, and gives you a warranty. Most third-party refurbs have the original shell, likely scratched, and original battery, likely already thru several hundred charge cycles.


Not to poo poo the deal or anything but in my way of thinking there probably aren't a whole lot of people looking for a two year old CDMA phone costing 180 bucks. Only people I could see wanting this would be someone who broke/lost their old Verizon iphone but isn't eligible yet for an upgrade and can't fathom the idea of using anything other than an iphone until they are and people looking to play on an iphone. I can understand the utility of a 2 year old GSM iphone with a SIM card for someone looking to go to monthly service but not this.


@idontkn1: There will soon be a lot of Verizon customers coming to a decision: get a subsidized phone and loose the unlimited data plan, or get an older phone and keep the unlimited data.
This phone (or others like it - i.e. older technology) is an option.


One way to look at this is you're getting a touch with GPS and front facing camera.

And an emergency phone case of ...emergencies