deals5 speed bench drill press for $49.99


Sad I paid over $100 for a similar one from home depot.


@wr2000: Use the coupon code for the 49.99 price. Coupon good until 7 Nov 2013.


Suspiciously, all the reviews I saw were 5-stars, with no "Cons" listed.

Cheap, and better than the one I have (which is "me holding a hand drill real steady"), but not sure.


@joemarfice: I have one. Certainly not a professional drill press, but also not the price of one. It's done everything I needed it too.


@joemarfice: Harbor Freight is notorious for refusing to publish negative reviews. That, and the fact that they sell cheap junk, is why I don't shop there for anything except cheap hand tools which will barely be used.


There are < 5 star reviews. They just automatically sort from highest rated to lowest.


Just ordered... even though HF is only 2 blocks from my house, I couldn't resist making someone else lug that heavy pig to my door for $7. haha


@cosmicpea: HF sells cheap junk for... cheap. If you need a pro-quality tool, buy it elsewhere and pay the pro-level price for it.