deals3 free shrimp (and other coupons) from long john…


With the purchase of any LJS Platter at regular price


Oh buddha, LJS, my nemesis. They are tasty, but they are also the most unhealthy thing ever. Who else will serve you a meal of deep-fried fish, deep-fried potatoes, and deep-fried cornbread served over a basket of pure distilled deep-fry?


But I just want one shrimp...


"at participating Long John Silver's® restaurants in selected zip code areas." How can I find out who is participating and it what zip codes?


@kinderdm: Seems you have to create a login with your details to find out.
The posted link is to a direct page where someone did that and replaced their zip with xxxxx which the webpage apparently ignores.
You could always ask if they take it before ordering.