dealsparadox 2012 ultimate pack [download] for $14.99


Oh yes, a ton of games. As in 3 games. A Game of Dwarves and Crusader Kings 1 & 2 + all DLC.

Also the deal is currently unavailable.

I think I could ask for a little more.


@wynterwynd: Rude! There's 6 games, actually. You forgot about Starvoid, War of the Roses and Warlock: Master of the Arcane. The package is $225 worth of content for $14.99. It is unfortunate that it is currently unavailable, however


@mlutz3: It's been dead since the price dropped....I've been following it as Paradox makes some addicting games....and yes, it's a ton of games/DLC, not just 3....


These paradox packages are great deals.