dealssandisk cruzer micro 4 gb usb 2.0 flash drive for…


$4.99 shipping...Tried ordering 5, shipping was $24.95...Ridiculous.


@dreppucci007: wow, good to know.

so many of these sites fail with shipping. i'd much rather see a deal for a bit more that doesn't have any (ridiculous) surprise later. i know that $4.99 for a 4Gig flashdrive catches the eye (it did mine), but it certainly won't get a 'buy' from me.

that being said, i'm pretty sure i have coworkers who would totally jump at this price, shipping and all. poor people who don't scour the internet for deals must waste so much money.


Once again, another deal site attempting to make up for the stupid low price with jacked up shipping charges. $25 shipping for 5 units. What a waste of time. Not to mention, attempting to sign up was a fail due to problems with their account creation page being blocked by my flashblock or adblock.


While this past generation of the Cruzer is of superior build quality (has withstood a few rounds in the washer and dryer), $9 is not a superior price for an older 4GB device. Maybe Amazon Prime has spoiled us, but this is still a shipping fail.


Bummer, I was pysched to see this but now see its a S&H bait and switch scam. Oh well, I should probably get an 8 or 16 gig flash drive anyway. But I'm very partial to the Sandisk Cruzers.


Where on the planet is a 4 GB flash drive normally $34.99? You can walk into any Staples and buy one of those tiny 4GB PNY drives for $8. FAIL.


can the mods change the title to:
SanDisk Cruzer Micro 4 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive including s/h for $8.98

I thought the deal titles were meant to reflect total price...


This is also a refurb. No thanks.


@flippurr: please dont get them started by asking about shipping charges included with the deal..............THEY WILL START CRYING LIKE BABY'S!!!..............AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@rayray8822: Seriously? I can't tell, never been to Russia, I don't ask people how much flash drives cost in their country.


@nighthawk3729: Its an internet joke to say "In Soviet Russia, B verbs A!" btw.


In soviet Russia, shipping handles you.


@edgoodman: In soviet russia, you don't exist! =D