dealsscience-fiction and fantasy ebooks free today…


I like Conan comics/graphic novels/books. Maybe Vengar will be pretty good? Someone in the comments said it is something like Conan as a comedy. Should be interesting. Thanks!


@ainterr: It was written with Conan and Robert E. Howard very much in mind. Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you enjoy it!


Oh, and heads-up: the first Vengar the Barbarian story (The King, His Son, Their Sorcerer, and His Lover) is not part of the sale... but you can download it for free at the Oktopod Blog ( ). Sorry for the inconvenience!


I got The King, His Son, Their Sorcerer, and His Lover because you can get it in epub format. Recreational reading Sisterhood of Dune right now but this is next up.


Thanks for the freebies. It's nice to see an author promoting his work here. Looking forward to the reads.


When offers a possibly decent download for free, its worth downloading. Either you get a product you really enjoyed at no cost or you delete it and you've wasted nothing.


Also freely available on the website appears to be some detective fiction: The Ghost, the Girl, and the Gun by Ted Boone.


Picked them all up, looks like they're quick reads. I'm looking forward especially to Vengar.


Appreciate the free books! And also noted the VERY REASONABLE normal ebook price. Kudo's for not setting up an ebook at the paperback price. I hope I enjoy these initial offerings as I would come back to buy future volumes on the basis of interest and reasonable pricing!

thanks again!


Excited to experience your work! Thank you for the great offer!


Not a fantasy fan, but grabbed the space opera title, and have an upvote on me!

Don't forget, if you enjoy a free title from an author, you can always donate after the fact!


Thanks for putting these out there, I'll be sure to keep an eye out on your site too.

Always appreciated when authors are trying to spread the word. I look forward to reading it.


Stars Rain Down is a great book, I'd definitely recommend it to any sci-fi fan. I loaded it on my phone to read on the subway, and had a hard time putting it down. I couple times I stayed on past my stop so I could keep reading :)


Thank you for offering up your books! I'll be reading those soon. I upvoted your post and will be keeping an eye on your site for any new stories coming out!


Hmmm... free eBooks. What's not to like? I am an avid SF/Fantasy reader and I look forward to reading your books!

BTW, the plugin EPUBreader for Firefox works well and is also free, for those that like to read epub format eBooks in their browser.


Oh, wow! To put it lightly, most places despise writers doing self-promotion and the usual response is to be shown the door and told to GTFO. I really (really, really, really) appreciate the warm reception! This has positively lit up my Thursday.

Also, I'm very sorry about the current lack of epub. Epub editions exist for all of my releases, but Amazon requires exclusivity for the Kindle Select program... and that program is what allows me to do free promotions like this one. The Amazon versions are DRM-free however, and you can always run them through Calibre (or your format-shifter of choice). Epub editions can also be found on file-sharing networks without too much trouble.

Thanks again for looking! I really appreciate the opportunity to entertain. :)


@spectre7 your picture on Amazon looks like that guy from Clerks.


@triplebud: It's not true at all... my brother looks like Dante, and I just happen to look like my brother. ;)


"About the author" (by the author):
[You had me at "green women who pilot dinosaurs, fight people and seduce spaceships"]

Chris J. Randolph (hey, that's me!) is a writer, futurist and possible killer robot originally from Redwood City, CA. When not talking about himself in the third person, he's usually writing about fictional people who pilot spaceships, fight dinosaurs and seduce green women... and somewhat less often about green women who pilot dinosaurs, fight people and seduce spaceships.

His other interests include linguistics, cooking, video games and digital publishing advocacy. He's the proud recipient of several literary awards he made up himself, and he currently resides in Rocklin, CA, with a family who somehow puts up with his shenanigans. He hopes to someday own his own tropical dictatorship.

You can follow his adventures in digital publishing at:


I have been a Great Big Fanboy of Amazon's free and cheap stuff.
There's quite a few bands I would never had heard of if not for them. And since there's a bunch of folk in the family, somebody is going to like something.
I have the kindle app on my PC, and I can also read on my pad, so I always have a ton of fresh interesting reading material on or near me. Check out their "old" (100 years and more) cookbooks, also. There's a 150 year old corned beef recipe that's going on my stove Saturday morning. Once I get a walnut sized piece of butter. ;}
Like here, I've only had one bad experience, and that was small compared to everything else good.
It's worth having the Amazon account just to look at the "recommendations".