dealsthe legend of johnny cash cd for $4.99 + freeā€¦


@segafanalways: Yes, Amazon price is better as long as you spend at least $25 or have Amazon Prime... otherwise, there is a shipping charge.


@jlmarier: but you also get the MP3' for it free too


you get the mp3 for free when you rip the disc to your computer as well.


Nothing like some good old shot of Johny Cash cocaine on the way to work.


"Yep" but he found the lord after the dope woudnt work annymore, but iff i could have done what Johnny Cash did I would have taken the dope to.


Love the deal, bought on Amazon and have been streaming me some Johnny Paycheck (as the songwriters used to call him...) all day! However, for curiosity, I checked CamelCamelCamel, turns out this has been $4.99 since sometime last year!

Still a good deal, but not exactly "new".


Bought this at my local target for $5 as well.