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From an ecohydrology perspective, I have a few issues with the description. Although a portion of the water that "wastefully coats" the leaves does evaporate, some of it does reach the soil via stemflow. Some plants are also able to take up water through its leaves via foliar uptake.

Additionally, the water intercepted by the canopy can help cool the leaves when it evaporates, which isn't particularly wasteful.


Length in title would be nice.


@slapo12: I would agree for the most part, but when it comes to certain plants, such as roses, watering the foliage can lead to blackspot or other problems. The humidity down here is so high that I gave up on growing roses years ago. I hate all of the spraying of nasty smelling stuff just to fight off blackspot. Now I'm wondering whether I could have avoided it more by having one of these.

@iguana71: You're right, I guess I could have included that information. Posting deals here is somewhat like parenting. I never seem to get it all done in a way that makes everyone happy. However, if you don't care to click on the post to see that information (which I did include in the body of the post), you can just scroll over it and the information shows up.