dealsamerican rawhide 11 inch basted beef bone for $4…


Just FYI, we have a border collie and a shih tzu (and a cat who is not pertinent to this story but would demand to be mentioned so here it is). We bought larger dog biscuits for the BC, of course. The little shih tzu CAREFULLY watches the biscuits and makes it plain that she deserves just a big a treat as her much larger sister. In other words, if I get one of these, I have to get two, although it is easily as long as the shih tzu. Picture that, if you will.


Double check the ingredients and do a little searching on the possible dangers of rawhide. Made well, these can be just fine. Made cheap, these things are a really, really bad idea. Plenty of info out there, should be easy to find.


The price of this item has DROPPED! :)

$3.99 with FREE shipping now.