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What robot is that in the screen shot? It looks like the assassin droid in Empire Strikes Back:


@belowi: Google image search confirms your suspicions.

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@belowi: The exact picture from the laptop is on the Wiki page you posted. Just sayin...


Okay, just wasted 20 minutes reading that entire wiki article. Thanks a lot, internet.


Seller claims to be "Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher" (MAR) and yet neither of the company names ("techreplay" & "IT Replay") on the eBay listing are included on the official Microsoft site. No MAR logo displayed either. Legit MAR is a pretty exclusive club.

As off-lease laptops go, these Dell D-series are really getting long in the tooth even if many of its versions were really solid way back in their day.



ITreplay is in fact the newest "MAR" in the United States. The logo simply has not been added to the MAR homepage, but I can assure you we provide only Genuine Licensed copies of Windows 7 direct from Microsoft.

To your point, this machine is not the best on the market. is built well and is extremely durable, it has very capable specs, and for everyday tasks like mentioned in the description....this machine will more than suffice for some time to come. Not to mention its priced to where most people can afford it...and who doesn't need another serviceable laptop :) ?

*Laptop also has a DVDRW drive installed.

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The ad is a bit light on specs.

I've found the display to be a 15" 4:3 display, but there are two resolutions available for this model. (That's a large display!) Which resolution is offered?

Maximum memory depends on the chipset. Will this laptop support 4GB?

Is there an integrated wireless card? I assume that this supports a SATA drive.

For the price, this could be an ideal laptop for the individual.




Yes, it does have an internal wireless card...and can support 4GB of memory.


The following specs are pathetic.
· 2GB Memory
· 80GB Hard Drive

This laptop was top of the line in 2006. I would NEVER consider running Windows 7 on 2GB of RAM. Even when it does finally manage to boot up, good luck getting an anti-virus installed and actually using any software on that 2GB.

Search on eBay for a laptop that is from $160 - $180 (same as this garbage) and see if you can't find multiple with twice the RAM and almost 5x the HDD space. I also found MULTIPLE with and Intel i3 or better (i5). This core 2 duo is a dinosaur.

I don't appreciate companies like "ITreplay" taking advantage of people who are less tech-savvy, and it really annoys me when they pay money to post their "deal" on the Woot! sponsored deals.

Don't waste your money on this 10 year old garbage.

Edit: I'd be happy to answer any computer related questions that anyone has.

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@itzspeldrong: The specs are well beyond the minimum for Windows 7 (32bit.) I have a similar setup already on a D630 and a SSD; it boots to the desktop in 30 seconds and runs great. Just the same, that is part of the reason I inquired about maximum memory.

I would be more comfortable using this "10 year old garbage" than I would some laptop with current technology being dumped for less.


@itzspeldrong: one wonders whether you've trying running a Windows 7 PC with 2GB of RAM. I have bench PC with 2GB and have several clients running it with 2GB very happily with Microsoft Security Essentials and MS Office.

The trick with any Windows PC is to keep the clutter off. Windows 7 runs great on minimal spec PCs.