dealspocket knife, gerber bear folding sheath…


Lol, def not a real Gerber Bear Grylls Knife. They even had to blur out the BG in the pictures... This deal has been posted before and the same information was posted about it being a fake. A good fake, but still a fake.


FYI Gerbers have been getting cheaper Amazon had a "Assisted opening knife" with a 2.89 blade with coupon $21. down from $26. I paid $49 for it 12 years ago so I just bought it. My current blade is a Boker Magnum 3' which I highly recomend, push one button and BANG just like Batman. Elegant color as well.


@the18thtee84: Gerber knives are made in China with mystery blade steel and very questionable quality control as it is...

This knife is probably made in the same factory that makes the real Gerber knives, and is probably every bit as a good.



Lol really? "def not a real Gerber" ...where is your proof? "the same information was posted about it being a fake. A good fake, but still a fake." I read previous posts and all I saw was people's opinion but again no proof. You're looking at a picture and that proves it's not a Gerber ??? I think Gerber would go after Meritline in a minute if they were selling a bogus product.
I have one of these from Meritline,I have no documented proof it's real but I have no reason to think it's fake. For the money I like this knife a lot,so much so I have another one on it's way to give as a gift.


@gusvonpooch: Only on Woot does it say it is a Gerber. I can't find "Gerber" or Brainless Gryls mentioned on Meritline's site anywhere.

The quality of the knife may be OK, but who do you call when it falls apart on the first use?


@thelocker: The one I have that I got from Meritline last month has Gerber on blade,on the clip and on the box, so that's all I can go by. I would not bet the farm that it's authentic but I would not bet it's not either. Have used it for a few weeks now and so far it's still together and I try to keep in mind it's $9 shipped so no great loss if it craps out in a year. .