dealsavid vocal studio (refurbished) for $39.99 + $5…


While the microphone works just fine, the AVID software that came with it won't even load. I've looked all over and tried every fix for it I can come up with,, and still it doesn't work. Mic is OK, but I could have gotten any kind of el cheapo mic without software and spent a lot less.


The software is worthless. If you're using the MIC on windows, Audacity works just fine. On OSX, it's recognized by everything, just make sure you select it, rather than leaving the system mic, which is default. It works best if you record VERY close to the MIC. The stand is a bit wobbly, also. You will knock this thing over regularly. The recording quality is very good, though, when used properly.


How do these compare to the XML 990 mics?


Bought this from Woot and love it. Its very important to read Avid's install guide and DONT plug the mic into the computer, until after you install the Avid software. (otherwise it loads a different set of drivers/has to do with Avid) Sound is great. Mic, like most professional mics is meant to be close to the speaker for best response. Several minor drawbacks. As mentioned the stand is not the sturdiest, the mic does not fit a standard sized mic holder, and the USB B cable into the mic is not the most rugged connection (XLR still best in this regard). Positives: as long as you don't put it in a place it gets knocked over, and you don't disconnect it often, it is worth much more than the price. Has a blue led that comes on when mic is on. Stereo earphone connection on mic allows easy headphone connection.


@justafreak: It's not that different in quality from the MXL USB condenser mic. The build quality is better on the MXL, but the sound is not that much better.

For podcasting or adding a vocal to a Garage Band or Reason track, this mic will do the job.

I do wish they'd have made the mount compatible with a standard mic mount, though. If you want a really great USB mic, the Blue Spark USB is quite good. But none of them compare to the sound of a quality conventional condenser mic, plugged into a real Class A preamp (such as is found on a $150 USB audio adapter, say, from Prosonus or Focusrite or M-Audio, etc etc).

If you really want to get good sound from one of these babies, think about creating a makeshift isolating shield to put up on the opposite side of the mic from where you're addressing it. Even a couple of pillows propped up will do wonders. Then, stretch a pair of your old pantyhose over a bent coat hanger and create a pop filter.



Yeah I do voice over stuff so I've been using th 990 which is a balanced mic with a Tuscan USB 144 Audio\MIDI but was thinking I'f this did pretty well it would be less to deal with for's a whole extra bag to take my XML setup....

Thanks for the info.


When you folks talk about Avid software, are you referring specifically to the drivers? Or are you referring to ProTools?

I'm specifically interested in the ProTools LE application that's bundled with this mic.

I'm used to Audacity, but it seems that many people use ProTools and I'm thinking maybe it's time I learn it myself. Does the ProTools application load and work OK?