dealsseagate external 2tb usb 3.0 black hard drive for…


sweet deal! I was expecting to see a rebate involved.
I just paid this for a USB 2 drive 2 months ago and thought I was getting a deal.


Been looking at this deal this morning,very good deal,think I'm in.


Darn was excited but no good for me. It requires external power source! I need a USB powered one for my laptop.


You need to look at the Physical Spec"s
Form Factor 3.5"
Dimensions 8.17" x 4.96" x 1.57"

3.5" drive will need external power, a 2.5" drive generally doesn't..


Dang good deal.... I'm in for one.


woot advertises it for 69 bucks, it takes you to newegg and BAMM< now its 89 bucks,...WTF


@nettendr00: Use the promo code listed genius.


Enter EMCWVTW22 at check out Boom! $69


I like this model of Seagate because the drive inside is the exact Barracuda you would get if you bought just a desktop HD. Also, it's not encrypted or gimped like the WD drives, so if the enclosure fails, you can take the drive out and put it into your system to recover files.


looks like was not paying attentions and selected new egg 3 day 74.99.


@bumper314: Are you saying that Seagate enclosures are of even worse quality (in terms of MTBF) than the drives themselves? That is terrifying. I've had atrocious luck with Seagate hard drives in general; I can hardly imagine how they could find a supplier for enclosures who can do worse.


@lparsons42: No, I'm just suggesting that if the enclosure does fail, you can take the drive out and put it into your PC. You can't do this with most other external HDs as they are manufactured to only work in the enclosure (either the drive encrypted or proprietary to the enclosure). WD is particularly bad about this.