dealsdannmar maxjax portable auto lift - 2-post system…


It's the free shipping that made me want this.


this terrifies me. i don't know that i would ever invest so much and hope i installed correctly enough to not only secure my car that high, but to ensure i don't end up crushed beneath it.


Why would this need to be portable?


Or better yet, is 865 lbs really all that portable....


@eddieeddy1: It's less like portable, and more like non permanent.
You can have a garage, pull the car in, set this up, and lift away.
Lower the car, pull the posts and set the jacks against the wall.
You get the whole garage back.
Got a truck, a broke buddy with a POS car? You can take it there.
These things are really handy. They're even handier if your buddy has it.