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"These rules aren't about how to do your job, they are about how you are seen doing it. They are about how you appear to others."

I had worked for about a dozen years for an organization when I was bypassed for a promotion (the job went to the best friend of one of the managers, although this employee had only been with us for three years and was a constant cause for complaints from both internal and external customers). When I was called in and given the news, my Director explained it this way, "You are the only one here who consistently produces A quality work. You are the best technical writer we have and are probably the smartest person here. (No s**t!) But you have a hard time LOOKING busy."


A few weeks later they transferred me to work with the employee who had gotten the promotion because she was unable to do the work. I held on for a couple of months then escaped with a huge promotion at another organization. Look busy, my a**!!!!!

Guess I should have read this book!


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