dealsrc willey knife set for $0.00 + plus shipping


knives are powerda brand 4 piece knife set. I have not picked up the item yet but have printed the coupon.


PS, also seems to only be vaild in NV, CA, UT and ID, so only the cool states :p


The selected coupon cannot be opened....


Smells like way too much of a scam to me.


@fenriq: like how? It's not like you have to enter your cc info or buy anything and this is RC Willey....


@davidschronic: Like they'll take all your delicious marketing information to repackage and sell to third parties without permission and never send the free knives. Much like BudK did with a free knife giveaway earlier this year. I got nothing but inundated with BudK catalogs and a whole bunch of their "competition" (that I also found out some was just rebranded BudK stuff under a different catalog).

What does it being RC Willey mean? Never heard of them before today, they have no reputation so far as I'm concerned.


@fenriq: They have several locations on the west end of the country. Just a standard retailer similar to an Ikea. They do not mail you the knife set, you pick it up at one of their locations. The idea behind this promotion is to get you in the store while picking up your free knives and hope you buy other items, not to sell your info, but I guess I could be wrong, I never read the fine print...They aren't someone I would lump in the BudK category anyhow.
EDIT: I can see how this can be misconstrued with the free shipping label on this post, however I have emailed support to take it off because the free item is not shipped.