dealsjvc gz-e200 full hd 1080p camcorder (refurbished…


Ok, so quick break down from some research and buyer reviews that I've read:

The battery life is short. 20 - 30 minutes before a recharge is needed.
It is not full 1080p, but close (if that matters).
There is no warranty on the touch screen and a replacement will cost you twice what you paid for for the camera (seems to be the thing that breaks most often on this device).
The software it comes with is garbage (pretty common).
The sound is awful (also pretty common with low end camcorders).
Comes with no starting SD card - you will need to buy memory to save videos.

That being said, it is only $99, is close to HD, has a good optical zoom (40x), and you CAN buy a bigger battery.


My neighbor has this exact model and I must say that the image quality is not up to par. My iphone takes better quality still pictures than this camcorder and every video that he took looked completely washed out. For 100 bucks I will admit that it's tempting, mostly because of the massive zoom this thing has, but sadly it's not for me. Good fun for the kids though.