dealsapples to apples - jewish edition for $21.82


Apples to Apples is a fun, fast, easy to learn game. Great for multi-generational groups (4rg grade to elders). My teens got me into it. Little do they know, how they play, and how they answer gives me a lot of insight into how they think (or not). Several different versions check them out.


i love the regular a2a, hell usually we end up just having the most sarcastic answer win, it's great drunken fun!


@buck mulligan: Here is where you can find Jewpardy...

Enjoy! :-)

BTW, I own the Jewish edition, Disney edition and regular editions of A2A.
Great game. The Jewish edition is just like the normal one but adds some Jewish cards like "Bar Mitzvah" or "Gefilte Fish" or "Jerry Seinfeld" etc.