dealswomen's 6 pack of ankle socks by flow society for…


uggg why can't these come in mens


Could you post a smaller picture, please?


Hey, just thought I'd mention that this site ( has a TERRIBLE reputation online. There are several web-rep sites that all have bad posts about this place, a lot of comments on a lot of sites about how people never received their order, were shipped the wrong thing, were given fake tracking numbers, etc. It's even been reported on a few scam tracking websites. Not saying don't use it, just passing on what I found when I went to look myself.


@soul777toast: 13deals is part of the Jammin Butter network of sites. They are slow to say the least. Most stuff doesn't ship for at least a week, and some stuff takes longer. I will say they do have good customer service. I recently ordered a mystery rolling fold-able crate full of goodies. The crate itself was folded, but cracked when opened. My wife emailed them, and 5 days later we had a new crate. This was also cracked. It was clear the box was being tossed around by UPS. Jammin Butter just refunded my money and we kept both cracked crates.. I can still use them for light weight stuff, so they do take care of their customers..


@soul777toast: I am not sure what you are seeing, but 13Deals is one of my favorite online shopping sites. I have never had a bad experience with them and have been shopping there for about 5 years. When I've had a question or a problem I've been able to get an answer by email or by calling their customer service line. Definitely a good site.