dealsfree 30 day siriusxm internet radio trial for $0…


So it let me sign up for the trial, but when I try to log in and listen it does not have the user name it gave me as an actual account, nor could it find my account. What a disappointment.


@lgudell: Your login should work at

My login didn't work at the main sirius site, but on the player site it worked fine.


The first day this was offered it was a 1YR subscription. Listened great for a week. Now when I log in it tells me my subscription has expired. I called Sirius and they told me that I did not have a year account but would offer a 180 day account. Not Happy with Sirius.


Apparently the 1 year trial was specifically meant for the Chevrolet Game Time Sweepstakes as a prize and there was supposed to only be 375 of them.
So, when it was put on woot, they got 1000s of new 1 year trials and once they figured out what was happening, they stopped the offer and then converted all of the trial subscriptions to a 7 day. Technically, we weren't supposed to be able to get that 1 year subscription in the first place...not unless we had a unique promo code from winning one of the instant prizes from that sweepstakes.
We all signed up for the free trial using the same promo code. It sucks, and doesn't look great for Sirius for allowing the promo code to be used more than once in the first place. They offered me a free 30 day trial. A 180 day trial didn't even get mentioned for me.

I told sirius that I could do without their service.


I did the same - signed up for the free year - stopped working today. I think Siruis should make it right.