deals250 premium business cards + shipping for $10


VistaPrint is always a good deal, no reason to down vote it!


They may be cheap but you usually get what you pay for. They actually shave 1/8th" off of each side of their business cards to save on paper, which is incredibly thin to begin with. I usually get my stuff from, their prices are about on par with Vistaprint but they have thicker card stock, a nicer finish and all the fancy goodies.


I got some pretty nice cards done at staples, my picture standard type for about $11 delivered in 2-3 days. Vista is just cheap allaround.


@dkalthoff: Seeing as how "shaving off 1/8" to save paper" actually would waste paper and add to the cost of production, I'm calling B.S!


Vista does decent printing, but don't expect to actually get anything for whatever price. Artwork costs money ($8 per image IIRC, but only the first time you use it) and their shipping/handling rates are pretty high.

That said, we do a lot of our printing there (shirts, hats, business cards and a 'free' banner that only added $15 to our existing order.)


Quite honestly I've heard the same deal mentioned on the radio. How is this a Woot deal if its just another corporate sale. I'm getting a bit annoyed with Woot lately for its crappy deals and lackluster "specials" . I have mentioned this before and will mention it again, I suspect the corporate buyout of Woot has spoiled the originality, the quailty of deals, and Wooting as a whole. I can't recall the last time I saw something on the main page for under $100.


This is a 'deal' Vistaprint has been doing for over a year now. It's always there, always advertised, and advertised everywhere.

I can't remember seeing many deals under $100 lately, either...there have been a few, but not nearly enough.


That reduced printing site is not on par price-wise at all. I've gotten some amazing foil added business cards for about $100 less for 500 cards. That's insanely more expensive! If you design your own card at Vistaprint, you can have something really spectacular for a very affordable price. Nobody has ever considered my cards cheap, if anything they are impressed by the foil, which I can afford because Vistaprint has such great prices.


Why so much hate for these guys? What's wrong with having a company's "everyday low price" actually be low? They deliver a quality product (I've got some in my pocket now) at a reasonable price.

And if I may be so crass as to mention it... I think their placement up there means they're shoveling some dough in the general vicinity of Woot, which helps fund our Banning of Crocodiles. How about a little love for the folks who pay the bills and aren't really all that evil anyway?


@skildude: So if I offered you a brand new 2012 Honda Accord for $14,000, that wouldn't be a good deal, but if I offered you a $139.95 monitor for $79.99, that would be a deal?

We evidently have really different standards for what qualifies as a good deal for Woot to offer.


It's great if their prices are always low, but that doesn't make it a "deal" I need to be informed about on Woot.


@zollars23: By shaving, I mean they cut the cards 1/8th inch smaller length and widthwise. With the amount of volume they do, it makes a difference.


"How is this a Woot deal if its just another corporate sale"

This is what "sponsored deals" means, genius.