dealsfree year membership to shoprunner for $0.00…


Grabbed this last time it showed up. Great service!

I mostly use it for newegg and free delivery from Dominos :D


Having trouble getting the page to load when I click the Gmail link. We'll see if I get through what it actually entails signing up for. edit: Now getting problem loading page errors. Might be dead.


Took a few tries to get through the sign-up process. I now have shopsanity account I didn't want and they have access to my e-mail -- but after almost 2 hours still now shoprunner. I'm skeptical.


They had me at," eco-friendly (and BPA-free!) e-receipts"

I can not get the gmail link to work either....


The site seems to be over-loaded, but persistence seems to pay off.


I saw the free shoprunner pop up once, I shared on facebook and can't see my free shoprunner anywhere...


The Gmail link works, just keep trying. Its a BOC type of thing; servers are freaking out because this is posted all over the web. Just be patient. Once you get to the shopsanity account page just proceed through the pop ups and the instructions within. I believe that the email is sent shortly after the link is shared on FB (but I dont remember exactly).


"Please select one or more friends and then choose Send, or just choose Cancel."
I had to create a Facebook profile, since I quit Facebook a while back.

Will someone friend me so I can spam...erm.. send them the link & claim my credit?

Thank you!


Does it have to go through Facebook? I'd like to forward this to a few friends that don't use FB.


The offer only works if you create an account and connect it to a valid facebook account. As soon as I did that, the popup changed to saying I would receive my free shoprunner account in an e-mail. After that, it asks you to send it on to your friends but it didn't look like that was necessary. It does appears you need to have at least one FB friend for it to work, though. That being said, I did all of the steps and still haven't actually received an e-mail yet. So only time will tell.


@bookface: friend requests no longer needed.

Thank you, Testicus Maximum! If that is your real name... :)


I did all of that and no email.


Signed up at 2:03pm. Facebook share at 3:10pm. just got my email at 6:01pm. (All times EST)

Signed up for Shoprunner with my real-er spam account, instead of the one I created for the other two parts. Sweet deal.

Dunno if I'll use it, but maybe on NewEgg -- I just saw the link yesterday, thought it'd be cool but not worth the money. Now it's free!


Yup. got my email much later.

I did email them and got an auto reply saying essentially that they were overwhelmed and their email service had a limit.


@bookface: It's amazing how many people have been leaving facebook. Their membership #'s don't show the huge exodus because you can't really delete your account, you can only make it inactive. A scam like everything else.

I'm scared about the power that the scumbag Mark Zuckerberg is going to get when the IPO is completed. This man is the epitome of early 21st century evil.