dealsrise of the masters chopin - 100 supremeā€¦


Not only can I listen to these for free anywhere, but I ask why do I want to listen to this period...


@maxsdead: Don't crap on this Woot. Chopin is brilliant and the OP is appreciated for posting it.


Apparently @maxsdead leans more toward the '50 Cent' side of musical 'taste'.

Absolutely wonderful. Searching for 'Rise of the Masters' shows 13 of these between $1.29 and $2, each with 100 tracks. Couldn't resist; 1300 pieces of actual music for less than $26? Sold. If nothing else, even if the performers turn out to be entirely terrible, that's a few weeks of non-repeating background music.

So pull your pants up to your waist, ditch the torn-up hoodie, spit out the 'grillz' and get some class going on.


Also, these are complete works with all movements in sequence, not just random movements from random works like a lot of collections. This makes much more musical sense when listening, and is far preferable.