dealsacer aspire v5-572p-6858 touchscreen laptop…


Would have jumped on this if it was Windows 7.


@bigsauce: Screen res is very different between the two.


@vegassmitty: Windows 8 is actually very good on touch screen. Haven't seen the 8.1 yet but it must add the old start menu button back


@markquila: I used Win 8 for 6 months, tried the new 8.1 upgrade, went back to Win 7.


@vegassmitty: On a touch screen? Didn't think I would like the apps on the start page but I do use them regular now.


@bigsauce: Quite a bit of difference between the two.

This one has a faster processor and 1080p screen
The other you linked is a lot thinner but has a slower processor and a 1366x768 screen.

So Size vs power & screen resolution.

Edit: My Prefference
on 15.6 I would not go with 1366x768, I have an Alienware M11x 11" laptop that is 1366x768 and I wish it had a higher resolusion. so the same pixel on a 15.6 would just bug the crap out of me.
I want both :) small and high res screen. I could care less about the difference in processors. it's maybe a 5% difference at most.


a couple weeks ago the Microsoft store had this for sale for $699: ASUS Taichi 21-UH51
This has 2 x 11.6 inch screens (double sided display- one was touch and the other regular) that were both 1920x1080- I almost bought that one. Now it's back up to $799.


I just got mine today-its awesome. I will tell you a few important details that you can't find on the internet anywhere. 1) the keyboard is backlit (that was an extra bonus I did not expect) 2) to add RAM you need to remove all like 12 screws on the back, then the whole back lifts off. There is only 1 slot available and it is empty. The other 4 GB of RAM is not accessible that the laptop comes with. I plopped a spare 4GB DDR3 I had- and upped it to 8GB which is plenty for me 3) taking off the back gives you complete easy access to the HD in case you are thinking about changing to an SSD 4) The 1920x1080 display is awesome 5) with the back off you also have access to the fan in case you ever need to clean it or change it out. I can't recommend this thing enough, it looks high end and has easily accessible components and the keyboard back light is the extra I was not expecting.