dealstwo person tent w/ carry bag for $27.25 + freeā€¦


Anyone else find the weight specs? How can they claim a "hiking" tent if they don't list weight. That's the first spec I look for in the description.


Might be a great tent size for two kids, but for two adults... Two might enter, but only one will leave.


@kbsig106: Or maybe two enter and three leave??


I'm all for a good deal, but you get what you pay for with a camping shelter. This might be okay for a backyard campout, but you want to be two days from the trailhead in a downpour or windstorm and rely on a $27 shelter? You won't be happy.


@bonesandjones: On amazon Shipping Weight: 3 pounds

The "rain fly" is around 12" x18" cover the small vent at the top.


@patjackman: A true deal seeker does not cease in their search for a better deal. Good find, but @dakranii is right, always check the weather before you sleep under a tarp, and you will/might get what you pay for. Youtube will show you plenty of people that skimped on their shelter budget...