dealspizza hut large 2-topping pizza for $7.99


mon - thurs carryout only as per the advertisement


Probably one of the lousiest pizzas around. They can't give them away.


$7.99 also continues to be the carryout price for a large 3-topping pizza at Domino's, Monday thru Thursday.

Pretty sure that's a national promotion, too.


Far from healthy & natural but... Oh dam, such yum! xD


@richrauch: Dominos' large tends to be a lot smaller than Pizza Hut's large. Last time I went to Dominos they skimped me on toppings too, so blech to Dominos.


@gwpriester & @richrauch: I have to agree on both counts, I did this deal, far smaller than Dom's and other than the alfredo sauce, they tasted like crap and skimped on toppings to the point of not being able to get a bite with everything on it.


My store (along with many others) offer this deal 7 days a week. You HAVE TO ASK for the deal.


I work at Papa Johns, Can we get a couple of the large delivered to us?


I work at pizza hut and this pisses me off. Not because it's a good deal, but because they never let us know about this shit...

We had it two weeks ago, last week I was told only 1 topping for 7.99(honestly, wouldn't let me put the coupon code in). Now I find out on woot it's mon-thurs.


Sorry Pizza Hut, I like my pies with a side of oppressive employment practices that are designed to prevent your employees from getting healthcare. I'm taking my business elsewhere.