dealsdeadwood: the complete series (dvd) for $48.49…


I'll buy this when they COMPLETE the series.


@rdedwards83: You still waiting on Firefly season 2 as well?


@rdedwards83: Why, were there still some people left whose throats Al hadn't slit yet?

[J/K, I loved the show too - even if I had to watch it between my fingers sometimes.]


IIRC they had plans for 2 more seasons. The actors were all in and the sets were kept. Then they decided on maybe doing a movie. Then Milch dropped the whole thing and did John from Cincinnati. Yeah. How'd that go? Only upside is that it allowed many of the actors, esp. the great Tim Olyphant and Jim Beaver, to migrate over to the vastly underrated show Justified. I have all 3 seasons of Deadwood and parcel it out on special occasions, I think it is that good