dealsekobrew cup, refillable cup for keurig k-cup…


The hot cocoa is not Prime membership compatible. It's about $6 to ship the sample pack.


@aliciamd70: that's weird... looks like it's sold and shipped by amazon so i don't see why it wouldnt be Prime eligible


Shows up as free standard/ two day shipping for me.


I puchased the Ekobrew a few months ago, but didn't really like it. It uses the gold-mesh style filter at the bottom of the cup (similar to the reusable cone-drip filters for coffee makers) and I found the pressure the Keurig uses actually pushed the coffee grounds through the small holes.

The resulting cup, after a few minutes, actually separated into 1 very dense layer of coffee sludge and 1 top layer of hot water. It didn't really brew anything. Yucky.

To Ekobrew's credit (or maybe mine), I described the problem and they responded immediately and sent a refund check to me in the full amount.

Since then I've moved to the EZ-Cup brand and that is working much better. The paper filters really work and deliver a good cup of coffee. I found the '5' grind setting (smaller than the recommeded '8' of Ekobrew) works very well with this solution.


@acraigl: i had similar issues with certain grounds of coffee. I found that what would otherwise be a french press ground works very well. The mesh is fine enough not to let the grounds through, and the grounds are course enough to allow the water through.


@ghost650: I used Starbucks #8, which is what is on the Ekobrew website and this is the experience I had. I was not about to keep buying new pounds of coffee until I got it right. The EZcup is working better for me, but glad to know the Ekobrew does the job under the correct conditions.


I only see the Ekobrew cup on the Amazon site this links to... is it no longer offering the additional hot cocoa 12-pack or do I need to do something else to get those as well? Thanks!