dealskindle fire 7 for $159.00


Is this what the big announcement was about?

This is pretty cool, getting better specs (and hopefully performance) at a lower price. I seriously can't find anything to complain about right now..


There's actually 3 IIRC other models with HD screens. One is like an 8 inch rather than 7.


Not really a deal because this is the standard price but it's still pretty neat.

There are three models:

This one the standard: better processor, more ram and I believe a camera

7 inch hd: slightly better processor than the standard, same about of ram, 16gb storage, better display, better wifi, newer version of android

8.9 inch hd: same as the 7 inch hd but even better processor and bigger of course.

Oh, the hd's also have 10 point touch displays instead of 2 point. (can register 10 fingers at once instead of just two). I think that's everything, but I probably missed a few points.

The hd's also have micro hdmi ports now.

I'm still curious about buttons.

No storage slot as far as i can tell. Not surprising.


The Kindle Fire is great and this is even better--improved tech specs and a lower price.


I'm still rather meh about it. For about 20 bucks less your can get an acer iconia 100 refurb that has similar display, 5 point touchscreen vs 2 , google play vs none, dual cameras vs none, an hdmi output vs none, a micro sd slot vs none andfull ICS vs a proprietary OS. A lot to give up for a better warranty and a slightly better processor.


How the hell did the Kindle Fire reach "7" - hasn't there only been 1 other one?


@ryanwb: 7 distinguish from the larger one


Still no camera? NO, THANK YOU!


Ads on the lock screen and no way to disable it? No thanks. Another reason the Nexus 7 is vastly superior.


The ladies call me justabandnerd7


@stivivi: I would agree. The solution is to pick up the next model up. The Fire HD at $199 gets a bump or two in a few areas - including having an HD camera for Skype calls.


Use it to listen to music and play games and chat online should be very good, looking forward to ... September 14! Come on ~


@coldwarrelic: Was just going to mention this... not the deal everyone thought at launch.


usually these things come with some kind of premium model that has ads disabled. is this the case for this one? i have a regular kindle fire and it has no ads. came with a lot of bundled crap, but i deleted that pretty quickly. fantastic thing. wish it had ports or something.


Eh, I'd still go with the Nexus 7. I dislike Amazon's OS modifications.


I'm gonna wait for the 20 point touch display -- so I can work with both my hands AND feet!


I'd have to agree with the above comments. The Nexus 7 is the clear winner at this price range.


This is a price reduction from $199. They have a new model coming out that will occupy the $199 spot. I have one and don't see the ads that so many seem to be talking about. This is a good deal if you want to stay under $200. If you don't, the Nexus wins out. Kindle has no camera which means you can't scan bar codes etc. which is the only real drawback I've found.


@idontkn1: My Acer Iconia 100 had terrible battery life though, even on standby. It's no wonder that you can find the Acer tabs on sale everywhere (for the same price as the lower-spec'd Dell Streak), but the Asus & Samsung tablets still fetch a premium price.

With that said, I do currently own the Samsung Tab 7.0 Plus & Kindle Fire. I use the Fire exclusively to watch free Amazon Prime videos. I just saw the announcement for the Kindle Fire HD, but wasn't aware of this new non-HD Fire. This sucks, now I feel compelled to get this newer model.


They are selling the HD Version for only $50 more as well!

On a side note, I bought one of the Refurbished Kindle Fires last month when they were on sell for $159. Now i just feel cheated...