dealsfallout new vegas - playstation 3 for $7.99…


I would not recommend Fallout: New Vegas. That game was a bug infested mess. I never stuck around to see if it changed. It hadn't two months after launch. I think that even at $7.99 its a rip off.


It can't be too bad of a game.
BestBuy (which sucks) has the Customer Reviews at: 4.3 of 5 (56 reviews)


Hey they do have a good deal on Batman: Arkham City. On sale for $46.99 ...getting closer to my target price of $30 before I buy.


Great game, most bugs fixed in first week patch.


@bestbuysucks: So will @bestbuysucks actually make a purchase from Best Buy?!!!


@wnyx585am: Of course ... everyone has a price.


Great game and great price.


@bestbuysucks: You have left me bewildered and confused. My code of morals and ethics is shaken to the core.


Hey I think Best Buy sucks too but sometimes the price is right.


This deal is very hard to pass up, but I think I'll wait for the GotY edition


@bestbuysucks This isn't a moral dilemma so you needed be disturbed. The awesomeness of the game will not carry the diseased Karma of Best Buy, even if its being sold by them. The game is just too awesome.


@dwayneam: I assume you want the GOTY for the DLC. Is there that much DLC that the GOTY edition would be a better value?


New Vegas is a great game. I played on 360 and would get a crash every 10 hours or so, but all major bugs were patched out. Without DLC you'll get at least 100 hours of play.

DLC: 4 add-ons at $10 each, plus a few weapon packs.


@wnyx585am: I wait for the GotY edition to be cheep too. I think I got Fallout 3 GotY for like $15, which I still haven't completed yet (haven't played it for a while either). If I can get all the DLC for the same price of just the game, I'm not in a rush to get just the game.


I actually just started playing this game last week. I play Fallout 3 a lot. (I mean two 100+ hour play-throughs). I'm about 15 hours into New Vegas and I already think it's better than three.
Better combat balance + more gameplay depth = greater game.


@dwayneam: That's true. I got the GOTY edition of Borderlands from Best Buy for $10 a couple of months ago. Now you're making me regret my $7.99 Fallout NV purchase!


@arkham69: Maybe in other platforms, but Fallout: New Vegas has yet to ever be stable for me on Windows. I ended up just learning to pretend I'm Jesus and save early, save often.

It was one of the buggiest pieces of apcray I've purchased in a long time. Gameplay was great as long as you didn't talk to roving vendors, or enter/exit buildings/regions/etc...


WTH? I clicked the link and saw Fallout:NV for $7.99.

Added it to basket, clicked checkout and it said $19.99. Went back and it now says $19.99.

I would say the deal is dead.