dealstic asp-120w 120w outdoor patio speakers (pair…


"Because nothing brings together a neighborhood like “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” blasted from your patio at 2 am."

A truer statement has never been posted on this site.


These will go great with my Realistic stereo system.


My neighbors once left their outdoor speakers on while watching were people hastily beating on their door to inform them of their oversight.

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@j5: For St Pats I had my professional DJ system set up in the house, and ran 2 12" peaveys on the back patio where we had a dance floor set up. Around 11:00PM we switched over to karaoke in the house, but forgot the speakers on the back patio were still on. Neighbors got to hear about an hour of god-awful karaoke renditions of a variety of music until about 12:15 when I realized they were still on full blast and turned the outside speakers off. Not as bad as leaving the outdoor speakers on for an adult film, but pretty bad considering the drunk singing that was going on...

In for a pair since I have a $65 radio shack gift card

by the way, the reviews on these seem great!
Seems to be an amazing bargain for this price


Why can't I find these to purchase for said $99. plus free shipping? Every link I go to gives me a $149. pricetag. Thanks