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Good price, but it is likely to continue to drop with the announcement of the Galaxy S4. Can you wait?

BTW, loved this phone.


Can anyone justify the price for me comparing the 16gb nexus 4 for $349? I just don't see why I should choose this one over the nexus 4


@ taimeili

Nexus 4 is 393 shipped from Google Play Store.
This is $40 more

You get a removable battery, microSD card slot, Samsung customizations and apps, native Video Codec support, and Super AMOLED Display.


It doesn't say which LTE band is supported. I'm assuming (because it is a GSM phone) that it supports whatever AT&T uses?

Also states : "Network/Bearer and Wireless Connectivity: 2.5G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE): 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, 3G (HSPA+ 21Mbps): 850/900/1900 / 2100 MHz, 4G (Dependent on market)" - so T-Mobile users may want to hold off on this if T-Mobile is still using AWS in your area.


@taimeili: Twelve Reasons for the Galaxy S3

Has a removable battery Yes vs No

Has a radio Yes vs No

Has an external memory slot Yes vs No

Measurably faster downloads 42.2 MBits/s vs 21 MBits/s 2.01x faster downloads.


Has a serial shot mode Yes vs No

Vastly more megapixel (photo, front camera) 1.9 MP vs 1.3 MP

Has a video light Yes vs No


A tad bigger screen size 4.8" vs 4.7" 2.13%


Lighter 133 g vs 139 g 6 g lighter
less body volume 82.94 cm³ vs 110 cm³ 24.6% less body volume.

Thinner 8.6 mm vs 9.1 mm 0.5 mm thinner.


Plays Adobe Flash Yes vs No

Here is the justification (of course, I could do the same thing to give justifications for the Nexus). You asked.


Justification of Nexus over any non-Nexus phone boils down to this for me : faster updates, no manufacturer skin.


1saleasay NEVER gives a buyer all the facts, super slow to ship, horrible customer service, charges your card before they ship and has a very short 21 day return policy. I won't buy from them ever again. Take the items they sell, look them up on Amazon, then copy the product link and check camelcamelcamel dot com for what prices have been. I have found items like these are less expensive either now or have been and these are nothing more than a mediocre sale price.


@woody1: We get it, you had a bad experience. You make this comment on every 1saleaday post and it is becoming spam. I've ordered several things from 1saleaday without any problems and their customer service has been great to me. So, please stop spamming the posts with your negative attitude.


@theimmc: I'm pretty sure the GS3 is 4g/LTE compatible out of the box but not all carriers are provisioned for LTE (like TMob). I'm happy enough with plain old 4g, but since my GS3 is my first smartphone I really have no points for comparison.


It says right in the description that this is the SGH-I747. If you wiki galaxy s3, you will see the table of model numbers and all the information you could want about the SGH-I747. It is the model used by AT&T and Canadian carriers and will work on HSPA+ for T-Mobile but not DC-HSPA+ so it would be limited to 21Mbps downloads. It is unclear if the LTE will work for T-Mobile or not, depends on what filters and whatnot are installed for Band IV.


@fuzi719: Woody1 definitely isn't the only one to have a bad experience with 1saleaday. I've been fighting with them for over 3 months to get a refund on a defective laptop. They keep telling me they refunded the money, but their imaginary refund never made it as far as my credit card company. The other enormous question about this item is the 4G. If it's limited to the T-Mobile HSPA+ and not one of the major LTE networks, the phone would be much less desirable.


@themcnasty: It does not appear to have the AWS band for T-Mobile's LTE service, so it would be limited to AT&T's LTE.