deals12v electric heating windshield ice scraper for…


These things don't work at all. They take a while to heat up a small patch of ice, and then you scrape and repeat. It's faster just to warm up your car for 10 minutes with the heat on and use a real scraper.


@acidcasualty: But this looks as though you could use it as a toaster as well in case you find yourself stranded on a cold winter's morning with a frosty car AND some insufficiently toasted bread. You can't be too prepared.


@phoebus13: Actually, toast might even make a better car scraper than this thing!


I had one of these about 10 years ago. It was a stocking stuffer from my parents. About a year after i put it in my car, I actually tried to use it. I nearly set my car on fire. The housing melted and caught on fire. These are a giant waste of money and should only be used if you hate your car.


@acidcasualty: I sense a new business opportunity here...


Wouldn't these crack your windshield?


officer that smell is from the windshield scraper that caught on fire after I plugged it into the car. honest


...kind of looks like a vacuum attachment.


could i use it to scoop my dogs poop after it explodes?


@acidcasualty: In Germany your neighbors will call the Polizei on you for running your car that long. I am not joking.


Seriously, just buy an actual scraper.
Brass ones are great for removing ice.
I have one like this:
Get a snowbrush for the big stuff.


This won't be effective at all. Not to mention it is tiny. If you live anywhere that gets snow regularly you have the big scrapers with a brush attached.


@zuiquan: Wouldn't you be running your car using this crappy, electric scraper? That would actually take LONGER!


@acidcasualty: That sucks to hear. As soon as I saw this I thought...stocking stuffer for my elderly mother, but with the reviews I guess I'll pass.


there's way too many people who work at woot that upvote this sponsored junk


You are all using this wrong. You scrape the windshield with it first to get a pile of ice to lay on top of it. Then you bring it into the vehicle and plug it in. That melts the pile of ice.


Although this isn't the the best tool for everyday snow removal, it would be a lifesaver for those days when everything is covered in a thin, unscrape-able sheet of ice. It may pose some risk to the windshield, but probably not as much risk as the bucket of water I have to pour on my car to thaw the ice so I can go to work.


Thanks to everyone who posted product reviews on this, you just saved me $5.


@acidcasualty: They don't care why you're running your car, just that you are.That's why you see everyone driving down the road in the winter in the morning with zero visibility through their windows. And people wonder why insurance rates are crazy over here.


@zuiquan: Yikes, sounds amazingly safe to be a pedestrian on a slippery road in the darkness...


@melissadrag - that is exactly my comment. I had one of these 10 years ago, touched it to my windshield and the glass broke and spidered instantly.


@annie846: But you have to be able to get the car door open to plug the thing in!


Seriously, if you live where you need one of these, move closer to the equator. It is just better here. What do you have up there that is soooooo good? I don't care, we probably have something equivalent here and your balls don't freeze.


When I lived in Cold Country I'd just run the car with the defroster on full until I could fracture the sheet of ice by whacking it a few times and then sliding the pieces off.

If the ice wasn't that thick I'd just use the scraper.

Remote starters are very popular in Cold Country.

As for getting the door open, I found that the trick was to always park so the driver's side door was either to the east or south. It was a lot less likely to freeze shut if the wind wasn't blowing on it.


I have 2 of a very similar product (same thing different brand), and they do not work at all. It takes forever for them to warm up and they do not have enough power to melt anything. the cord is not long enough.