dealsserif pageplus x5 for $9.99 + $1.99 shipping


People still buy software? IN A BOX!??


Although they're making jokes about everything "in a box", this particular deal from that place does not include the box. It is one of their "EB" deals, which means "everything but the box".

Still, Serif PagePlus is excellent. This is one version behind, the current version is X6 which sells for $89.99 or $49.99 as an upgrade and this version will qualify you for that upgrade.


@ojohn: It shows a picture of a box. It should say "Box not included", right in the listing. Otherwise, I'll be needing a box.


It's old version. The current version is X6.

In fact, you can download starter edition of X6 for free.


I've been using Page Plus for years. Very user friendly and has a load of features. I bought X6 and didn't like the changes so I went back to X5. If you use MS Publisher try Page Plus, you'll love it!


I've used Serif programs for years, too. I'm using PagePlus 11 now. How many versions behind am I ?!?


Joke if you must, but Serif's software is pretty darn great for the price. Even if this is "last years model", try finding Microsoft Publisher for 10 bucks.


@danieleg: Because 125 people remembered that we are not, under any circumstances, allowed to have all 5 sponsored deals have positive scores at the end of the day.

For that matter, the last one always seems to be the whipping boy. Perhaps votes count backwards on the fifth deal to ensure it never finishes in the black?