dealshp h8-1287c intel core i7 w/12gb ram & 2tb hd…


I can't wait.... bring on the power supply comments!


Something something 'power supply'! Something something 'budget gaming rig'!


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People are making sarcastic comments about the power supply, but a buyer should be aware that this is a big concern.

Although its a great price for a computer with this good of a CPU, the graphics card is very weak and if you wanted to upgrade to something decent, you would also have to replace this tiny 300 watt power supply.

On top of that, I don't think I would ever build a personal computer today with only a 300 watt power supply. These things die out over time and 300 watts is cutting it far too close power consumption wise.

Yes, it might be a budget PC gaming rig, but if you are looking at discount gaming rigs, a console may be a better choice.


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@gotweed04: You can build one hell of a "budget gaming pc" for 400 or less (which is on par/less than what the 360/PS3 were when they first released. Try again!


@br0seidon: Try making a budget gaming pc with $400 at the time PS3 was released. You would get a vastly weaker system than the PS3 was.

Sony was losing money on each system they sold. The hardware was extremely powerful on its release.

Consoles also have the advantage of having all their games written for their exact hardware, which gives the developers a huge advantage and allows them to use system resources much more efficiently.

By the way, you can get a 360 for $100 now. This would be a lot more efficient than any $400 gaming pc you can throw together, considering that the operating system alone will cost you $80-$100.