dealshome improvement $10 off $100 or more


$10 off $100... That will pretty much cover the taxes.


On a related note, if you like HD Supply Repair and Remodel (stores in some areas, check link below) on Facebook, you get a one-time use 10% coupon. Their prices are already pretty good, and worth checking out if you have a major home improvement project.


@rmsalt: Yep. Which is $10 you'd normally have to pay.


Save yourself even more. Break up your orders to $100 per purchase, the code is good for each one.


Can't order much - most building items are in-store only. So if you are thinking about buying paver stones in $100 lots or 2x4s or concrete - pretty much anything that you can break into multiple purchases, you're out of luck.


kinda disagree with gadawg12. I was able to buy the tile I need for my bathroom remodel last night this way. I bought just enough to push me a bit over $100, picked it up 20 min later and it was already there waiting for me. Going to go back with another $100 order this weekend.


good thinking bullvw. Although I didn't do this, I considered it strongly (the items I wanted for the second order were cheaper on amazon).

This deal worked like a charm. Thanks!


Is this dead? I keep getting "The promotion code you have entered could not be processed. Please click the Contact Us link at the top of the page to reach Customer Service."